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Hi, I'm Gail Greenberg, Acquisitions Manager of Win Win Notes. I'm the one who will answer your calls or emails about note investing with your savings or your IRA. 

I have broad real estate experience having flipped houses, invested in large multi-family properties and bought and managed student housing properties at Philadelphia's Temple University for out-of-state investors. With all these experiences, I can help you understand the pros and cons of various real estate strategies for the passive investor and why I now invest exclusively in notes myself.

Before becoming a fulltime real estate investor, I worked as a journalist and marketing professional. I've had a thrilling career that started with getting a big scoop on the "Amityville Horror" story, and included writing a book that "Spider Man" director Sam Raimi. called "fun, refreshing, insightful and original." I have a passion for dogs, all other animals, travel, adventure and growing wealth for investors and myself.

Who Invests in Real Estate Notes?

Teachers, nurses, postal workers, doctors - anyone who would like to invest in real
estate but doesn't have the skills, time or giant pile of money to flip a house or buy and
manage a rental. Most of them use their IRAs to invest. Want to know how to do that? Ask us!
We Talk to You In Depth About Your Goals


What are your investing and lifestyle goals? Are you investing for a wealthy retirement or to have more fun and income in your life right now?. Let's schedule a talk - we want to hear everything you're thinking.

Please call our Acquisitions
Manager,   Gail, at 
1-888-DO-WIN-WIN, or

email her at

We Explain Clearly How Note Investing Works


There are no silly questions and we will take the time to make sure you understand our process and what to expect. Most note "workouts" take at least 12-15 months so you need to be comfortable investing for that long.

We Do All The Work While You Sit Back


We continuously look at large pools of notes and analyze them deeply to find the best values for our investors. Then we buy at a big discount, never exceeding 60% of the home's value.  We will find you one that can be purchased for the amount of capital you're interested in investing and we will do the "workout" to reach one of 5 exit strategies. We do all we can to help every distressed homeowner stay in their home. So you will be helping someone out while earning an excellent return on your investment funds.


What We Do


Our Portfolio

Flint, Michigan

This note became distressed when this 2-income family became one-income due to a work injury. They will fully reinstate once they receive a Workers Compensation settlement and we will either hold the note for longterm cash flow or sell the note as a reperfomer.

Morrow, Georgia

The owner of this lovely townhouse is in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and is deciding if she wishes to keep the house or sign it over to us, as she has no equity in it. If she wants to stay, we will help her apply for a housing subsidy. We will keep this note for 20 years of cashflow payments.

Ellenwood, Georgia

This borrower has been in this house since 1989 and really wants to stay. We helped her apply for Hardest Hit Funds and await the results. If she doesn't get them, we will work with her to get her performing consistently and then keep the note for longterm cashflow.

Bay City, Michigan

This note is brand new to the portfolio and we haven't yet reached the two borrowers. The house is in a very nice neighborhood so, if the borrowers don't want to reinstate, we will sell to a new borrower with seller financing to create a new note with 30 years of cashflow.

Kokomo, Indiana

So far, this is the only property in the portfolio that we own outright with no borrower. There are 2 2 bed/1 bath houses that will each rent for $600 and, since homes here are appreciating, we will rent them out and wait to see if they become more valuable before we sell.

Flint, Michigan

This borrower wants to start paying her mortgage again and is filling out an application for a loan modification. Again we will get her paying consistently again and, based on the return we're getting, we will sell the note or keep it for years and years of cashflow.


Win Win Notes

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